Garvin v. Alt-Bayern - HD A1 - Heart 0 - Spondylose 0 - BH-VT - IGP 2 - AD - ZTP

03.03.2022 Garvin had a visit from Sweden! Engelaiz Disney (BDisneyH-VT, IGP 2) came from Gothenburg for mating. The two understood each other immediately and we keep all fingers crossed that many puppies will fall in the Engelaiz kennel! Ultrasound did confirm pragnancy! All the best for the birth!





14.02.2022 Garvin had a visit from Katharina vom


Lankwitzer Orden (BH-VT, IGP 3, ZTP, AD). An ultrasound showed that Kathi is pregnant! Kathi gave birth to three gorgeous girls on 17th of April in the kennel vom Herbstlabyrinth!

img 20220417 133952

31.01.2022 Garvin had a visit from Frederike vom Eisernen Mann (BH-VT,


AD, ZTP, IGP 1). An ultrasound has confirmed that Rike is pregnant. She gave birth to 7 (2,5) puppies on 4th of April in the kennel vom Eisernen Mann.

img 20220414 wa0008